Whether you're looking for a deep fiery orange, or a bright Fift Element inspired shade for your locks, you're sure to find something in our selection of orange hair dyes!

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Directions Coloured Hair Dye - Apricot
We love this pale orange shade of hair dye from the fabulous Directions. Apricot is a more subtle sh..
Directions Coloured Hair Dye - Coral Red
Coral Red is a subtler red shade than some of the brighter Directions colours, light and orangey in ..
Directions Coloured Hair Dye - Mandarin
Directions Mandarin is about as loud and bright as you can get with a hair dye colour! This shade is..
Directions Coloured Hair Dye - Tangerine
Tangerine hair dye from Directions is a lovely blend of oranges and reds, making a rich, deep orange..