HOT TO - Streaks

Streaks are perfect for so many hair types to add a delightful dash of colour! Whether your hair is blond, brown, black or coloured, streaks can add a vibrant touch to any shade. Here's my how to guide for adding streaks!


If the hair you want to streak is darker than the dye you're using you will have to bleach that section pre dyeing. Check out our handy bleach guide for bleaching instructions, and just use the info below but with bleach first!


There's loads of different ways to streak hair, you can have loads of little streaks all over your head, like highlights but brighter coloured. Or you can add thicker strips of hair with colour in, or dye a larger section, such as your fringe or a thick strip that frames your face. I've written a short guide on how to do these three different techniques, they should give you an idea on how to do it so you can experiment at home and find one that suits your needs :)


Make sure you have the following items on hand, whatever technique you decide to use -


Latex gloves (dye stains!)
An old towel (for washing hair and always handy to put round your shoulders)
Wear old clothes (did I say dye stains?)
A tinting brush (for applying dye on smaller, trickier areas)


I also find it handy to cut up a bin bag and lay it on the floor beneath where I'm dyeing, just to catch any little get away splashes :) Right...




Thin streaks all over / highlights


If you want to go for thin, streaky highlights all over your hair I recommend using a streaking cap, these are available for purchase from Dye Punk. This technique works best on hair that is light already, such as blond, as it does not require bleaching. With blond hair all you need to do is put on the streaking cap and use the hook to pull strands through the holes. You can decide whether you want subtle streaks and just pull a few strands full, or go for a fuller effect and pull more, thicker strands through. Its up to you! Once you have enough hair pulled through the cap, apply the dye. Start closest to the roots and work your way down the full length of your hair, making sure you get every strand. Once all the hair you have pulled though the cap is dyed, pile it on top of your head and wait. I'd advise at least 30mins, though because our coloured dyes do not damage hair you can leave it longer. The longer you leave it the longer it will last usually. When you're ready to wash out I would advise leaving the cap on at first. Just wash the dyed strands of hair to begin, as lots of colour will come out and you don't want it staining the rest of your hair beneath. Once most of the colour is out take the cap off and done! If you're wanting to use this technique on darker hair here's a few tips to get it looking awesome. When you've pulled the strands through the cap apply bleach and leave for 15-20mins. Wash the bleach out and remove the streaking cap. Apply your chosen coloured dye on all your hair. It will take best to the lightened bits, and give the rest a slightly coloured sheen without being too extreme. This way is a lot easier as you don't have to try and keep every bleached strand seperate to dye and end up getting colour everywhere. Plus it looks FANTASTIC, trust me ;)


Thicker streaks


If you want to dye a few thick streaks you will need clingfilm or tin foil (never use tin foil with bleach!!! but it can be used with coloured dyes). Section off the area you want to dye and pin the rest of your hair away with grips or bulldog clips to stop strands getting tangled in the area you are dyeing. For example if you want to dye a streak on one side of your hair, give your self a side parting an inch or 2 away from your normal parting. Brush this hair onto the opposite side and pin down. Take the section of hair you want to dye and if necessary apply bleach. Wrap in cling film for 15-20 mins while the bleach does its magic, the clingfilm will stop bleach getting on other sections of your hair. Wash the bleach out then apply a colour onto the same area, wrap in either cling film or tin foil (I find tin foil holds better, but please only use it with our coloured dyes and not with any dye that contains peroxide, such as bleach) and leave for at least 30mins. When you've washed it out style your hair normally and you will have a nice coloured streak peeking out! I find this always looks a bit nicer than doing it on your parting, as it blends better. But feel free to use this technique to add streaks anywhere and find a style that suits you!


Thick strips or chunks


It can often look really good if you just dye your fringe, or the front section of hair that frames your face a different colour.This is super easy to do, just tie or pin back all your hair except the thick chunk you are wanting to dye. When I dye the front section of my hair I brush the rest back tightly and tie it up to stop stray strands getting in the way. If you need to you can first apply bleach to the section you've left out. Leave for 15-20mins then just wash this section of your hair under the tap or shower head so it doesn't get tangled with any bits you don't want to dye. Towel dry then apply a fab and funky colour! Wait at least 30 mins for the colour to take, longer if you have the time/patience as our colours don't damage your hair. After this time wash it out, style as normal and you're done! 


Make sure if you're bleaching you condition your hair well afterwards, check out our 'Thing to do before you dye' for general dyeing hair care tips :)




Need ideas? Here's some funky things to try with streaks and some awesome colour combos!


Blonde? Try adding pink, blue or purple streaks. These stand out great against blonde hair, and paler shades blend nicely for a great dash of pastel colours. How about trying a combo of Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise and Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink for a cute candy look? 


Brunette? Try all over streaks or thick chunks of red or purple, bleach the section your want to dye then put the colour over all your hair. The streaks will stand out loads, and the rest of your hair will have a cool matching sheen. For a reddy look try Directions Hair Dye Pillarbox Red or for purples try Directions Hair Dye Violet


Black hair? Really bright colours stand out so well in contrast to black, and always look best in fab thick

chunks. Try dyeing your fringe a vivid bright colour, or add a big chunk of blue or red on one side for a unique look! You may have trouble bleaching black hair light enough to dye, consult a hair dresser if necessary and get the bleach it for you :) Why not try Crazy Color Capri Blue or Crazy Color Hot Purple for a bright and funky look!


For something totally original why not add bright streaks to coloured hair? Dye your hair a darker shade of pink and add bright pink streaks or vice versa! Dye your hair dark blue with a bright blue fringe. Play about, have fun and get fab hair!