HOW TO - Perfect pastels

Pastel shades have lately been the most popular colours that many people want to dye their hair. It fits perfectly with the current soft grunge/pastel goth fashion trend, but unfortunately it is one of the hardest shades to get right. Let's imagine you're painting a picture, if you paint onto white paper pale colours will show up great, but if the paper is yellow then pale shades won't show at all. Your hair is exactly the same, if it is yellowy at all results may be patchy or not come out how you want. This is just a warning before you start, as we don't want anyone disappointed with results so please follow our guide carefully to get best results! I myself have tried dyeing my hair pastel shades, unfortunately as my natural hair is dark brown and nearly black it never goes pale enough for the pastels to take. This may be a better shade for people who have natural light hair anyway, or to go to a hair dresser and get it bleached light enough prior to application. You can also use white toner to lift any yellow streaks before using pastel shades, we stock white toner from both Directions and Manic Panic :) Now, let's begin!

Once you have bleached your hair light enough to dye I advise you do a strand test first. This is a sure way to check that the dye will take and your hair is bleached light enough. It also saves you wasting a whole tub of hair dye if your hair still requires more bleaching. Take a strand and apply the dye, wait for 30mins or so before washing out and check results. If you are happy then you can continue! Apply the dye to all your hair, taking care you get every strand from root to tip. Leave the dye on for at least 30mins, longer if you have the patience. The colour dyes do not damage hair so can be left on a long time (bleach MUST be washed off after 15mins! It is only dye you leave on!). Once you've waited, rinse and enjoy! To keep colours lasting for longer particularly with pastels try and wash your hair in colder water and shampoo less. You can try adding dye to your conditioner to keep colours lasting too. Pastels fade quickly so may require some upkeep, but look fantastic so its really worth it!

To view our full range of perfect pastel shades please click the following link - Perfect Pastel Hair Dyes